No Production Insurance • No Damage Deposit • Pick-Ups/Drop offs​
1.  Email or Call us to complete booking
2.  Pay in FULL on pick ups / Drop offs.
3. Sign & Agree on  Terms and Conditions 
4.  Take gear and start shoot.  We stay with gear and transport it to all locations.  Finish shoot within 12 hours (or based on special terms).
5.  Alternatively, we can leave equipments with you and you can drop off or we can come back and pick up after your shoot, but that will attract a production insurance coverage or we take a photo of 2 government ID 

  1.  Payment due in full prior to pick ups or drop offs
2. Shoot is based on a 12 hour day unless stated otherwise (like in SPECIAL RATES or PROMOTIONS).
3.  Overtime price/availability is $100/hr.  at the 
discretion of the equipment attendant On-Site.
4.  Locations outside the GTA may incur additional travel cost or subtracted travel hours from the 12 hour shoot day.
5.  Client agrees to be responsible to the camera even when handled by other crew members.
6.  Client takes full responsibility and replacement cost for any loss/stolen/damaged gear while in possession of all SeedVisuals rented gear.

  NO Shooting Lasers on set (lasers can damage the sensor).
  NO Standing in open water (holding the camera).
  NO Attaching a moving vehicle like car mounts or drones or holding outside the window.

​  Seedvisuals may withdraw any rental services at anytime prior or during a shoot if we deem the activities to be unsafe, illegal, or
damaging to any gear or personnel.  A full refund will be given but Seedvisuals accepts no liability this may cause to the client’s
​  shoot and production.